A time capsule has been buried under Place du Béguinage.
It encloses a reflection:
how to conserve poetry through the ages?

on display

The centre of Brussels was for decades subject to population decline and neglect. In the 1990s the tide started to turn, and this took place in the area around Dansaertstraat, which runs from the Stock Exchange to the canal. The young, well-off middle-classes began to find the area attractive. This led to an unstoppable gentrification. You will find council flats alongside trendy lofts, cheap telephone stores next to design shops, the homeless next to fashion-conscious Bobos. The contrasts make this a lively and captivating neighbourhood. The literary organisation Het beschrijf has its offices here, at the Passa Porta international house of literature.

Since January 2012, Scotto's poems have been buried with an LP and a record player in a time capsule on Begijnhofplein.


In this area Passa Porta cooperated with Brussels City Archives, GC De Markten, Le Chant des Rues - asbl Interpôle, Modo Bruxellae, Dienstencentrum Het Anker, Puerto - begeleid wonen, het Klein Kasteeltje, Pacheco Instituut - Pact ateliers, Centre Don Bosco - Tele Service, Maison des Enfants Saint-André and Antenne Sociale Stéphanie - OCMW Brussel.

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