One of the lamp posts in Parc Huart Hamoir has been sabotaged.
By removing the lamp and replacing it with an apple, the artist has created a tree, the fruit of the poet’s text.

on display

The Princess Elizabeth area around Schaarbeek station is a highly multicultural district: Moroccans, Turks, French people, Italians and Belgians live alongside one another. It is very interesting for its architecture: on the attractive Huart-Hamoirlaan, from the station to the Helmet church, one can see splendid mansions typical of the fin-de-siècle in Brussels. A great many streets are named after writers; there is Emile Zolalaan, Maurice Maeterlinckstraat and Emile Verhaerenlaan.

In autumn 2007 this work was installed in Huart Hamoir Park in the Princess Elisabeth district in Schaarbeek. Previously, the artist developed a series of interventions in the neighbourhood.


In this case, Passa Porta collaborated with the Dienst Nederlandse Cultuur van de Gemeente Schaarbeek, Renovas, GC De Kriekelaar, Nederlandstalige bibliotheek, Franstalige bibliotheek, Wijkcomité Helmet, Handelaarsvereniging, Masereelfonds, De Factorij, Instituut van de Heilige Familie and ERG.

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