The wooden bridge of the Ganshoren marsh is where the imagination and reflection meet.
An observation telescope allows one to read the poem from start to finish.

on display

Ganshoren lies calm and rural between the hum of Brussels and the din of the ring-road that encircles it. It is a modern district, and all that remains of its old centre is Guido Gezelleplein, the busiest part with shops and cafés. In between the busy Keizer-Karellaan and the Koekelberg basilica there are quieter residential areas, some with high-rise, and green zones. The impressive De Rivieren mansion stands out proudly in the middle of a park with a fairytale lake. A brisk walk takes you to Ganshoren marsh, a nature reserve with a wide variety of birds.

The work was given its festive unveiling on 7 June 2013 in the in the Ganshoren marshes.


In this instance Passa Porta cooperated with Ganshoren Council, GC De Zeyp, CC La Villa, Brussel behoort ons toe, BSGO De Goudenregen, Ecole primaire de la Communauté française, Collège du Sacré-Coeur and Les Villas.

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