In Jette, the stainless-steel sculpture makes light of perspectives.
Children play around the poles supporting words that can be read from above.

on display

This residential Brussels area on the border with the Flemish Region and in the shadow of the Heizel was subject to major urban development for the world exhibitions of 1910 and 1958. The Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower are very close. There is high-rise building from the 1960s, but also a garden district with working-class houses typical of the 1920s. Wandstraat is a lively shopping street and a main thoroughfare through the Mutsaard area. The canal and the Royal Domain in Laken separate the Mutsaard from the rest of the city. Its inhabitants are mainly of Belgian origin.

Mbogo où es-tu, waar ben je? was inaugurated on 19 December 2013 in the presence of local residents and children, the family of the poet, artists and political representatives at Esseghem, rue Jules Lahaye, in Jette.


In this instance, Passa Porta collaborated with the ERG, GC Heembeek-Mutsaard, Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis / Chinees Pavilion, LACA, Bibliothèque communale, Bibliothèque publique du Christ Roi, Wijkcomité De Wand-Dikke Linde, Handelaarsvereniging, Jeugdhuis 't Mutske, Jan Ruusbroeckcollege, Maria Assumptalyceum and Koningin Astridschool.