paulo teixeira

Paulo Teixeira (1962) was born in what is now Maputo in Mozambique. He is regarded as one of the most important Portuguese poets of the generation which emerged in the 1980s. Teixeira is an extraordinarily erudite and internationally-oriented poet. His work is continuously influenced and inspired by other, primarily European writers and artists. In 1992, he won Portugal's leading poetry award and his work was given a special mention by the Portuguese PEN Club. Recent poetry collections by Teixeira include Túmilo de Heróis Antigos (1999), Autobiografia Cautelar (2001), Orbe (2005) Descanso na Fuga para o Egipto and Antologia (2006).

In November 2006, Teixeira visited the Ganshoren district of Brussels with the artist Filip Van Dingenen.

Read the poem he wrote for Vers Brussels.

View the video Filip Van Dingenen made inspired by Paulo Teixeira's poem and the bridge he constructed over the Ganshoren marshes.



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